Knights Of The Blood Oath

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Knights Of The Blood Oath
Knights of the Blood Oath.png
Alignment: Neutral
Totem Monster: N/A
Leader: GodN/A 
Date Founded: 17th January 2021 (3905 g.e.)
Pantheon of unity Rank: 492 (we are an upstart guild with ambitions)
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 22 (we’re working on it)
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 10 (we got some of the best duelers so keep an eye on us)
Pantheon of adventure Rank: one of these days we will scour the world and make it ours
Guild Page: Knights Of The Blood Oath 
Data current as of 27 March 2021

About Knights Of The Blood Oath

Who Are We?

The Knights Of The Blood Oath is a guild that is inspired by the guild in the Japanese Anime Sword Art Online (SAO). Known as one of the most powerful guild in SAO, we look up to this guild as a guiding light for power, control and bravery. We thrive to reach the heights of the pantheon and one day hope to be standing with the best. But even though we want to reach the near unreachable, this guild is here mainly for the fun social aspect. We like to keep things pretty tame as a whole and hope to reach the top in peace. But be warned we will NOT take a challenge lightly.

Legendary Tale

Part One

In the words of the hero Asunayuki

As the sun was setting, I was once again alone and battered at my camping grounds. All those fights against those said to be heroes are wrecking me bit by bit but that won’t make me falter... it never will... because I know that by my side I have the best god looking after me. I got up and started walking to the tent but in the corner of my eyes I saw a half decently built man with light brown hair heading my way. I was getting ready to fight, nothing different, just another idiot eager to have my blade split him in half. The man got closer and closer to me. I clenched my hands around my blade and shield. But suddenly this idiot stopped and said

- O-O)’.....

- What?

I said wondering why this guy wasn’t unsheathing his weapon. Usually my aura alone could make a grown man cry but this one doesn’t even budge. He’s either got the biggest balls I’ve ever seen or he’s a complete vegetable. He starts talking

- Hey there, I was looking for ya all over the place. I mean, my god made me do it but like you’re known around the towns to be a purely good person and I really felt the need to come and meet you personally. Because I really want to be known as one of the purest too!

- What are you talking about? I’ve killed so many heroes like you that there’s no way that I’m still pure.

- Naaaah you’re pure

Ok so he’s a big balled vegetable man.

- Listen here buddy! I had a pretty rough day fighting dumb heroes in duels so you better skiddadle before you suffer the same faith they all did

- No way you’re also a expert dueler! Wow such a fruitful new hero! Has your god done this before! Hahahaha

Even though it was intended to be a joke it did not make me laugh. My god was different than others. She made every move like she knew what was going to happen next. As if she’s done this before. But that thought scares me. If she’s done it before... what happened to the last hero? Just the thought of it sent a shiver through my spine. There was a brief moment of silence and then he spoke again.

- Welp it’s getting pretty late...

He was waiting for my name

- Asunayuki

- I’m Merf! It’s good to meet ya! Anyway it’s getting late we should go to bed.

True enough the sun was completely set and the moon was rising in the sky as if it wanted to take control of it. I started heading to my tent but....

- Wait what do you mean WE

But as I said that, Merf was already in my tent sound asleep.

Part Two

After a rough night of sleeping outside of my tent, I packed everything up, without Merf since he left early in the morning. When everything was done I headed to the nearest town to sell my artifacts that I gathered from my multiple trips and fights. I had a lot of them but the Hubble Kaleidoscope especially caught my eye for some reason. After countless hours of trekking I finally got to Herowin. Finally! A place to heal these horrible wounds that ran across my body. When the doctor was done with my wounds I headed straight to the store to sell my artifacts. But on the way there I heard a familiar voice in the distance. It was Merf telling tales of his adventures in front of the tower of babble.

- I took the Battle Ox by the horns and tried to throw him into the mountain! But for some reason gravity stopped working and I was flying threw the air into the mountain myself....

I stopped what I was doing and listened to him talk about how he got absolutely destroyed by several monsters only to be saved by his god... sometimes. The weird thing is that I think he thinks he won those battles. What an absolute big balled veggie this one is. When he was done humiliating himself I approached him.

- Hey Merf

- Ayyyyy it’s Asunayuki! Did you like my stories?

- Uhh... yes... they were... unique!?!?!?

- Nice glad you think so

He ends up accompanying me to the shop so I could sell everything I had. After that we went to the tavern and everything kinda became a blurr. I spent a couple of days with Merf in herowin and had a blast. It made me think how much it would be fun to have adventures with friends. I think my god saw what I wrote in my diary because a few seconds after I wrote that idea down, she commanded me to create a guild called Knights Of The Blood Oath. I spent the next days filling up forms, signing contracts, hiring guild staff, including a doctor who’s never shown any medical capability, but he was the cheapest one, and so on. But after a couple days it was done. Knights Of The Blood Oath was an official guild stationed in herowin. But a guild isn’t a guild without any members. And so I tried to catch up to Merf who went back into the wild just a day before. I later on found out that that was a bad idea because Merf had some special boots that made him run faster or something. I ended up finding him fighting a Fire Hydra and losing miserably. I killed the hydra, took Merf like a sack of potatoes and went back to herowin. We finally arrived but his brain was a bit lagging behind.

- ...I’M GONNA RUIN YOUR DAY HYDR... Asunayuki? Herowin? Where’s the hydra? HA I KILLED IT DIDN’T I !!!

Why did I have to meet this one. As we arrived at the guild house I took him off my shoulders and made him sit in a chair in front of a big pile of paper work and said

- Sign them.

Merf ended up signing all of them and became the second member of the guild. But this is only the start and I’m not planning on stopping here!