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the Kings Academy guild

Kings Academy
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Motto: we are kings, leaders, and heroes.
Alignment: true Brightness
Date Founded: 2016 may 19
Guild Page: Kings Academy 
Data current as of June 17 2015

The kings academy was made for the Royalty of godville. Sadly we are yet to have a multitude of members. And it is because there just doesn't seam to be that many kings, Queens, and the like, on this wonderful game. We hope to right that one day, but first we must gain prestige and fame. So if you are of Nobel blood the kings Academy will welcome you with open arms. and if you are not, don't worry we are an Academy after all. We would be glad to teach you how to be. Would you like to be a knight? A princess!? A count!?! That is what we're here for. So join us as soon as possible, and make a name for yourself at Kings Academy.

What we are looking for in our members

the number one thing we want in a member is loyalty. This guild was not made to be a drop off point. And though there will be no hard feelings if you chose to leave, we would be much more appreciative if you stick it out with us. The second thing we look for in members is big mouths. Yes. We are looking and asking for those who love to chat with Thier fellow guild mates. In the guild council and that guild forum.... whenever we get around to getting one. Someone with both of those qualities would be like a founding member of the kings Academy, and completely priceless to our guild. The the third thing we want in a member is Creativity. Someone who adds to our story. Who can think out of the box. And believes Nothing is impossible. If you fit all of these qualities please join Kings Academy. We Need you. We have big plans. Plans that involve you! So spend a little god power and send your hero our way.


Godking Falcon  the Academy's founder and patron.

GodDrakt the Almighty  a gift to the soul.

Queen GodRaiya  an amazing yet humble member of the guild.

GodRyuzariel  an incredible member worth mentioning.

GodTimmahUK  A shameless self plug

how to join

to join Kings Academy, just send these exact words to your hero. *Join the "Kings Academy" guild* it would be best if you can copy and paste that, but if you can't remember to put the quotation marks, it won't work without them.