Kinetic energy bar

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Artifacts of Godville
Kinetic energy bar
"Now available in liquid form!"
Type 💊Healing
Description The little bar of the great heal need.

A Kinetic energy bar is a type of healing artifact. When consumed, the hero will regain a limited amount of hit points. The trade-off is the high price paid for this low heal. However; since this is a growing trend, some shop keepers charge more than others in the hopes that a hero will be so interested in looking cool they will literally pay for this privilege. Some flavors taste better than others with personal preferences also being a factor - however, the best selling flavor is habanero-covered chocolate bar with jalapeño pepper.

However; sometimes heroes will be fooled into purchasing a normal granola bar instead, in which case the hero will gain nothing (and write angrily in their diary about it) and lose a good number of coins.