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Monsters of Godville
Killer App
The appearance of the Killer App on mobile devices
Class Software
Habitat Mobile Devices
Description Downloadable Mobile Application

General Information

The Killer App is deadly monster that is responsible for countless deaths. It is a downloadable mobile application with the ability to hack the device it was installed into and use it to kill said device's owner. For any mobile users, beware of this dangerous monster. However, the best way to be safe from this monster, is simply to not download an app with a solid red background plus a skull and crossbones. It is a creation of the Evil Genius used to swiftly commit murder. Mobile devices with some sort of virus protection are safe from this monster from cyberspace. When fighting this monster, heroes often find it electrocuting a victim by using said victim's mobile device and often have to take it from the victim's hands and deal with the Killer App by breaking the device before the device can electrocute the hero.



  • Unexpected
  • Silent and Deadly


  • Limited to mobile devices
  • Antiviruses
  • Must be downloaded to be able to hurt anyone
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