Keystone Cops

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Keystone Cops
Keystone Cops Emblem.jpg
Motto: For justice and glory!
Alignment: Brightest
Date Founded: May 2012
Guild Page: Keystone Cops 

The term Keystone Cops is to be used to criticize a group for its mistakes, particularly if the mistakes happened after a great deal of energy and activity, or if there was a lack of coordination among the members of the group.[1]

« There are a lot of Keystone Cops running around in this project.


Welcome to the Keystone Cops Guild!

Representing only Godville's most determined and enthusiastic[2] defenders of the peace, our members are tireless in their pursuit, capture[3] and punishment of monsters and dissidents. Armed with cream pies and overzealous bureaucratic vigour we boldly and selflessly seek justice where others fear to tread.

Join Us!

How to Join (and stay joined!)

To convince your hero to join us you must send this voice of God:

Join the "Keystone Cops" guild.

To maximize the chances that your hero will listen to you:

  1. Your hero must be level 12 or higher.
  2. Your hero should be on the road, not in town.
  3. Your hero should be idle, not fighting a monster.
  4. Do not cancel your current quest before sending the command.

The cancel your quest voice is only used if your hero is already in the guild but foolishly accepts a quest to join another guild! Cancelling may be done in town or when idle. Your hero will wait at least 10 days before trying that foolish stunt again. Once you reach the rank of Cardinal (~4 months) they stop trying to leave (as long as you check in once every couple weeks).

Some things you might like to do

While you're here, please take the time to get involved:

  1. Invite your friends.
  2. Send friendship invites to other Guild members. See the Distinguished Members list below if you are stuck who to add.


Any member of the guild who commits to the cause for the long term will be immortalised in the following sections. Stand tall. Stand strong!


Distinguished Members

Full Members List

Keystone Cops members and statistics

About This Wiki

This wiki is maintained by the guild's founder, GodPlesius . Please use the guild council for questions and comments.


  2. Also most incompetent and stupidest
  3. Probably not actually