Kellen of Galaxia

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Kellen of Galaxia
Champion of the God: Kasumi The Mist
Personality: Bold and wise and a prat
Gender: Female
Motto: ⛊ Existence Stinks ⛊
Guild: Upgamers
Guild Position: Founder
Temple Completion Date: 03/24/2020
Ark Completion Date: under construction
Pairs Gathered Date: wat.
Retirement Date: NEVER.
Current Savings: 453 thousand
Pet Type: were-panther
Pet Name: Fido
Pet Personality: Skittish
Favorite Town: Bumchester
Most Hated Monster: Hangoverlord
Personal Rival: Mister Sunshine

Kellen of Galaxia is the only heroine of Kasumi The Mist that managed to enter Godville alive. She is the 3rd member of the guild Upgamers. She is also the supposed "girlfriend" Mister Sunshine; another Godville hero, mentions in his wiki. She also helped The god Apollo Seven by drawing the Stick Figure for its wiki.