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The Kekistanis or Kekistani People are a diverse ethno-linguistic group primarily comprised of the speakers of the Kekish languages. Kekistanis are proud people with over 2,000 years of history. Unfortunately, much of the history of the Kekistanis has been either lost or destroyed during the Great Exodus after the SJWs' expulsion of the Kekistani people from their homeland. However their culture is being reborn during the ongoing Great Meme War. In addition to the war, SJWs and normies have consistently been disrespecting and denouncing Kekistani culture, which must be stopped. In the beginning of their civilization, the first Kekistani people settled in the very fertile valleys and coasts of what is now Iran and began to master the arts of farming memes and shitposting. Kekistani memes were in high demand across the bronze-age civilizations for their superior quality and quantity and as such the Kekistani people became rich and the fractured kingdoms of the Kekistani prospered. This was the Golden age of Kekistan, which lasted from 2000 BC to around 200 BC. Then, in around 200 BC, the jealousy of the wealth of the Kekistanis led to the combined invasion of Kekistani lands by Normistan and the Social Justice Matriarchy, which led to the downfall of the kingdoms of Kekistan. this also staged the beginning of the deportation and genocide of hundreds of thousands of Kekistani peoples. The last Kekistani kingdom fell in ~2 BC. Archeologists believe the fall of the final kingdom led to what is known as The Great Exodus, with the last of the Kekistani armies holding back the hordes of the Normies and SJWs while the citizens fled across Mesopotamia. The sacrifices of the Kekistani armies would become the stuff of legends in the annals of Kekistani history. The Kekistani people then settled in Egypt and started to re-master their crafts, as much of their knowledge was lost during the war. Back in the homeland, SJWs and Normies had enslaved the Kekistani people, attempting to force them to make memes for the use of the SJWs and Normies, however the Kekistani people refused which led to the Kekistani Genocide, where the culture and history of the Kekistani people was nearly wiped out and the Kekistani people being slaughtered in their homeland. By 20 AD there was less than 100 Kekistani people left in traditional Kekistani lands.