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Champion of the God: Violana
Personality: Kind
Gender: Female
Level: 34
Motto: For Iddibiddies!!!
Guild: Titans of Rhea
Guild Rank: recruit
Pet Type: Rocky Raccoon
Pet Name: Buck
Favorite Town: Godville
Largest Ever Gold: 11851
Most Hated Monster: Alpacalypse

Kahako is the youngest daughter of a middle class family who enjoyed living comfortably until they, like so many, got hit by the bad economic situation within her country; not only did her father lose his job but she herself soon was laid off. The family struggled for years just getting simple necessities like food and money to pay just for their home.

In desperation she prayed for guidance not knowing that the words she was about to speak would actually be heard. A woman who presented herself as Violana came to the her and promised that if she sought out a guild called Titans of Rhea she could make enough to support not only herself but the struggling home, the catch however would be that her life was no longer hers; She would be trained to become a mouthpiece to the Gods along with others in what was to be a second awakening.

The young woman reluctantly agreed at first, though soon after saw that by doing as instructed was able to provide more than enough despite the economy; And now to this day continues to work hard in Violana's name with loyalty.