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Monsters of Godville
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Description Unknown

The Jibber-Jabberwocky is a monster that talks, a lot, no really, a lot, like more than your worst aunt or high school classmate that everyone avoids.

The Jibber-Jabberwocky originated from the strange place called Wonderland. It was once the most feared being in Wonderland, but somehow discovered talking. After that, no one feared it and the people, with the help of some skinny blonde girl named Alice, banished it to Godville.

« The claws, jaws of razor sharp teeth and eyes of flame are nothing compared to the Jibber-Jabberwocky's incessant talking.
--Every Hero Ever
!Hero's Diary
11:11 AM The Jibber-Jabberwocky cried, “I regret nothing! Except, well, you know.” and vanished. Received 15 coins and a hog's wart.