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James' Guild is a fictional non-existent guild that never existed in the Godville world.

The first known reference to James' Guild can be traced to August 28, 2012, when the hero infobox template was first created. Filling out the fields of the sample used "James" as the hero and "James' Guild" as the guild despite no such guild existing. This created two wanted pages for James' Guild (one for the documentation and one for the template) which made James' Guild the #1 wanted page.

Soon afterward, reference to "James' Guild" became a euphemism for something that didn't exist in godville or a polite way to tell a god to change guilds.

Examples of Usage

« Hey <name of irritating God>, James' Guild is looking for members. »
« I think James' Guild gives the best benefits to its members. »
« Hey buddy, giving the voice command "Join James' Guild" will automatically give you the Careerist 1st Achievement. »