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Champion of the God: James
Personality: pure good!
Gender: Male
Level: 5
Motto: From Godville!
Guild: James' Guild
Guild Rank: Intern
Guild Position: Toilet Scrubber
Wins / Losses: 72 / 928
Temple Completion Date: June 5, 2015
Ark Completion Date: June 6, 2016
Pairs Gathered Date: June 7, 2017
Retirement Date: June 8, 2018
Current Savings: none
Pet Type: Solar Bear
Pet Name: Bess
Pet Level: 16
Pet Healing Count: 4
Favorite Town: Herowin
Largest Ever Gold: 1723
Most Hated Monster: Innocent Bystander
Personal Rival: Everyone

The Myth behind the Legend

James is the name of a generic hero who does not actually exist in the game. At least not at this time. Except here, on this page and on the hero template page. There is no one that has actually attempted to bequeath this name to their hero, but if they do - they will need to come up with their own story about how it came to be that they were really unable to be more imaginative in thinking of a name for their character and instead just "sniped" the Godville generic one. Along with this page. But the name will live in infamy as the generic Godville name for new heroes.

Generic Reminder

If anyone taunts you that "you are being a James" or "stop being such a James", they mean you are allowing your hero to be mediocre at best. You should probably send him or her some more voice commands. Please note that whether or not your hero will listen is really still up to them to decide.


If you or someone you love is considering staring a character in Godville, encourage them to use a name that is one of a kind; like Xanadulicious or Qwertyuiop.

Consider adding a twist such as a number instead of a letter, but remember not to go overboard as most heroes do not speak "LEET" and will more than likely mispronounce any names with too many numbers. As in more than one. Two at most. Seriously, more than two and it's just going to confuse other heroes. Usually.

Remember: there is such a thing as going too far anti-James and no heroes will want to socialize with you, befriend you, invite you to the guild, or journal about you in their diary if they fear they will misspell or mispronounce the name - they can and will go out of their way to avoid you if you make your name 123Dougie456 or 99BottlesofBeer. Probably. More likely than not. But again, some heroes are more forgiving than others.

Why are you still reading this? SERIOUSLY? Go play the game already. Don't have a hero? Just do a random name generator and there you go. Done. Quit stressing out about it. Just name your hero anything but James. Because it is taken. Spoken for. At least generically-speaking.