Jagged Peaks

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The second largest mountains in Godville. They are north of Tradeburg and home to the Pathway of Lemmings. The Jagged Peaks have the nasty reputation of being so sharp, simply sliding a hand over a rock can slice it neatly in half. Heroes hate having to be near the place, but if they have to, wearing gloves might help. Gods are encouraged to watch out for their children while they traverse the land. Many have died by a simple fall on a pebble. Pets should stay inside the Hero's bag for safety.

The Jagged Peaks are one of the sources for water. It doesn't contain snow, but the rain travels through a series of eroded trails gathering nutrients along the way, ultimately reaching the River Kraktor. This nutritious liquid spans out toward the rest of the lands and allows for vegetation to grow. Aside from water, the rocks in this mountain are used for weaponry. The metal in the rocks are heated to the point where they turn into metal. So far, Anville is the only Town where this kind of technique is since it is difficult to master.

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