Jade Butterfly

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Jade Butterfly
Alignment: Bright
Date Founded: 17th May 2011
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Jade Butterfly is the guild for all powerful, beautiful & good people.
The guild strives to promote the mystery & beauty of a butterfly, with the poise & elegance of jade.

The Jade Butterfly

The jade butterfly is a legendary creature, only appearing to those worthy of seeing it. Only few have claimed to have seen it, but many have doubted its existence. The jade butterfly is a powerful creature, often underestimated by it's enemies. With wings as tough as diamond, coupled with its impeccable swiftness and stunning magic, the jade butterfly eliminates its target effortlessly with poise and elegance. The jade butterfly's magic is not only limited to attack. Powerful healing powers and time-space manipulation is said to be only a few of the creature's abilities. The butterfly gives off a mysterious luminous glow from its jade green wings, often captivating those who see it.


Word has it that the Jade Butterfly guild was created for a beautiful heroine when her goddess sent a jade butterfly to protect her when she was in immense danger. Blessed with splendor and beauty, the kind-hearted heroine was well-trained in both physical and magical combat. It was destiny that the beautiful heroine met a handsome, well-groomed & capable hero, and they both fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, the heroine's beauty caught the eyes of an evil king who wanted to force her into marriage with him. The evil king ordered his soldiers to capture the heroine's family, using their safety as blackmail.

The news of the capture spread throughout the kingdom, and a group of brave heroes & heroines rallied together to help the heroine rescue her family. Led by the hero & heroine, the group stormed the castle, bravely fighting their way to the top of the castle where the evil king was holding the heroine's family captive. With many casualties on the way, by the time they reached the top of the castle, only the hero & heroine remained, both badly injured from the fights. With one clean blow, the evil king swung his sword at the hero, ending whatever happy ending that the heroine could dream of. Cornering the heroine, the evil king announced that he would make her his wife, and all her family will be his prisoners for the rest of their lives. Deeply saddened by the lost of her true love and friends, the heroine saw no way out of the horrible situation. All she could do was to close her eyes & pray to her goddess in hope of a miracle. With tears flowing down her eyes, she squeezed them shut as she prayed with all thats left of her.

Out of nowhere, a warm bright light filled the dark gloomy room. From the light, a butterfly with beautiful and mysterious aura emerged. The heroine recognized the butterfly immediately. She has heard stories of it, but never thought that she would actually get to see one in her lifetime! Captivated by its luminous glow and splendor, the evil king diverted his attention from the heroine and wanted to catch the butterfly to keep as his pet. As he reached out to grab the butterfly, with one swift swipe of its wing, the butterfly slayed the evil king in one clean move.

Grateful to her goddess for sending the jade butterfly to her rescue, the heroine thanked the butterfly. However, there was a dullness in the heroine's eyes. She had lost her true love and her friends who had bravely given their lives to help her. Her kind heart was overwhelmed with so much sadness that her eyes lost their spark. The jade butterfly, upon seeing the kind heroine's grief, started to dance. The heroine watched as the butterfly danced elegantly and magically around the room. Suddenly there was a bright glow which swallowed the room.

When the glow faded and the heroine could open her eyes to look around, she found herself surrounded by the hero & her friends who died in the battle. Their wounds were healed and they were alive! The jade butterfly had somehow managed to revive the dead! The heroine was so happy she could do nothing but cry with tears of joy.

Grateful to her goddess who sent the legendary creature to help her, and in honor of the legendary creature, she decided to set up the Jade Butterfly guild, pledging her loyalty and faithfulness to her goddess and the guild.