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Monsters of Godville
Artificia omne Draconis-of-
Class Canine
Habitat Desert, grasslands, savannas
Totem for Knights of Light ⚜️ 
Description Large-eared dog wearing a tool belt

The Jackal-of-All-Trades is a monster that was not always called this.

Way back in the before-time the Jackal-of-all-Trades was just called "Jackal". He roamed dry deserts, hunted rich savannas, cavorted green grasslands, prowled dim marshes, wandered wild bush-lands and traversed tall mountains. He basically did whatever he wanted because he was free and he was Jackal. He was as free as the wind, as free as the sky... but he was a bit lonely.

One day, Jackal met a jackal named Jill and fell in love. He brought her the ripest dead squirrels, the freshest field mice and the squirmiest snakes and even some tasty birds until, eventually, she relented and accepted his company. Jackal told Jill of his travels and hunts and he promised to show her the world. But despite his tales of adventure, Jill did not want the world. She said, "I do not want the world, or to go on adventures. I want only to make a den with you and raise some pups."

So Jackal found a warm den in some rocks near a stream and lined it with rabbit pelts and lavender. Jill said, "This soft, warm, sweet-smelling den is lovely, but it is open to the outside where monsters lurk. Our pups would be in danger." So Jackal thought and planned and then gathered twigs and built a door for the den.

Jill said "That door is nice, but it bangs in the wind. Our pups will not be able to sleep at night." So Jackal learned to fashion metal and built a latch and a lock for the door. Jill said, "Now we are secure, but there is no breeze. The den will be too hot for our pups."

And so it went... air-conditioning, electric light, indoor plumbing, custom kitchen, skylights, deck, in-ground pool, hot tub, in-floor heat, gardens, sprinklers, alarm system, landscaping... Jackal learned how to do it all and did it all himself. That's how Jackal became Jackal-of-all-Trades.

These days the 6 bed 4 bath two-story den may be a bit much for Jackal-of-all-Trades to deal with, especially considering the time it takes to maintain the seven other rental properties that are paying for his pups' university tuition. So, if you encounter him, be wary. On a good day, he'll give you a curt nod and be on his way; on a bad day -- if he's fishing a sock out of a tenant's toilet, for example, or on his way to the hardware store for the sixth time that day -- he may be liable to attack without warning.



  • Tool-belt full of heavy, pointy tools
  • Can kill with a toilet plunger
  • Fatally boring descriptions of projects


  • Can lose him in a hardware store
  • Will ignore contractors/tradesmen
  • Distracted by shop-talk
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