Iodine solution

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Artifacts of Godville
Iodine solution
Glass bottles of raw iodine.
Type 💊Healing
Description Unknown

The Iodine solution is one of Godville's most well-known healing supplies. It is commonly used by heroes both in and out of battle, and can be used either by drinking it, or by pouring it onto the wounds that need healing. It is also used for the 'clinical strike' skill. Although not essential, knowledge of the skill can aid with the appropriate and best application. Guild physicians often keep a small store of these bottles in the guild hall first aid kit.


Iodine solution is produced in Trollbridge from iodine from Los Demonos, beer from Beerburgh, and water from the River Stinks. These are mixed together, resulting in a healthy violet drink that tastes like beer with an extra "spice". The solution is afterwards sold to Tradeburg for a high price. Traders from Tradeburg then sell it in all known towns of Godville.