Instant evil eye

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Skills of Godville
Instant evil eye
Type ⚔️Combat
Description Unknown

The Instant Evil Eye (IEE for short) is a combat skill of psychological, not physical nature.

Throughout history, stories have been told about receiving the "evil eye" from witches, gypsies and angry grandmothers in every known culture. It has been widely believed that the recipient of an evil eye will have something terrible happen in the future, often in the next few days.

This belief was often enough to create a self fulfilling prophecy where by the recipient would be so worried about something bad happening that they did not pay attention to what was really happening and some misfortune befell them because of it. Chariot accidents, falls from high places and losses to inferior opponents in the arena are common occurrences that, with further objective analysis, were caused not directly by receiving the evil eye, but because the recipient was worried about the evil eye, was not paying attention and inadvertently committed a critical mistake.

The instant evil eye works similarly in that the recipient believes something bad will happen and will actually cause the misfortune by their own deeds. Where the evil eye takes a minimum of 20 seconds to perform properly, the IEE takes only a moment or two and as such is very useful in combat situations as it often causes the recipient to pause, misstep and lose balance, or attack in a manner which leaves them defenseless. This allows the attacker to attack far more during this time than they normally would, often inflicting considerable additional damage and occasionally death.

There is a fierce rivalry between those who wield the IEE and those who practice the Eye Scream. While both skills are massively powerful, no one is willing to risk trying to resolve this issue.