Innocent Bystander

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Monsters of Godville
Innocent Bystander
Class Humanoid
Habitat Populated areas
Description Looks just like an innocent human

The Innocent bystander is a unique monster which good heroes find tricky to kill.

Innocent bystanders are usually killed by evil heroes who are trying to make their adventures seem more exciting. They usually watch other heroes fight monsters. Once the battle ends, they slowly walk off in hopes of avoiding a fight. Unfortunately, some heroes confuse the snacks in the Bystander's pockets for gold or artifacts, and attack the creatures. Though not particularly skillful in combat they are masters of stealth. Anyone could be an innocent bystander. You might be one. Innocent bystanders don't seem to have any evil aim and live their lives normally.

They generally don't use weapons. Or skills. Or items. Or anything really. They are unlikely to attack you and are more likely to run away from you.



  • Masters of stealth
  • Completely innocent
  • There are loads of them
  • Screams of terror can break eardrums


  • Can't fight
  • Cowardly
  • Completely helpless