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sample text for "Input the voice of god" to cancel guild joining quest (Sometimes the hero is busy, so pay attention to what he writes in the diary when you send him voices.):

    Abandon quest Cancel quest Drop quest Stop quest

Abandon/Cancel/Drop/Stop quest: May cause hero to drop the current quest where it is and head back to Godville for another immediately. Divine permission to stop risking life and limb for a while is every hero's dream... to a point. If enough quests are left incomplete, the hero will get whiny about never being allowed to do what he or she chooses and will stubbornly continue the current quest regardless. NOTE: Canceled quests give no reward, and the next quest assigned will not cause the quest counter to increase from the canceled one. Used in canceling Epic quests for personal preferences, mini quest for the same, and far and away most commonly used to stop a hero leaving the god's preferred guild on a random join quest. Note also: that the "quest" is required--a simple "stop" or "cancel" will not work.

When to Send Voice Commands

A hero has a greater chance of responding to non-arena voice commands (all the voice commands in the previous section except the "attack/destroy/hit, etc commands) if the voice command is sent when the hero is traveling. In other words, a voice command should be sent while the hero is away from a town, not fighting a monster, and essentially just walking to the next milestone.

Do not give the voice command while the hero is fighting a monster

Do not give the voice command while the hero is in town

Do not give the voice command while the hero is healing, including resting under a tree

Do not give the voice command while the hero is selling items to a roadside trader

Do not give the voice command while the hero is in a dungeon

If the hero does not respond, wait 30 seconds, then give the voice command again. Do not give more than two voice commands within 60 seconds, because that is almost always a waste of godpower.

Q: How do I change guilds? How do I tell my hero not to change his guild?


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