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Pets of Godville
Hyper Lynx
Lynx activa
Hyper Lynx.jpg
Strong Monster
Class Mammal/Metamorph/Viral
Habitat B-Trees Forest
Description Electric Feline
Tame at levels 65–79 (94 with ark)
Features Fighting

The Hyper Lynx (Lynx activa "active lynx") is a tamable monster. Mounting it is not recommended due to electric currents constantly running through its fur.

Wild Hyper Lynxes

The Hyper Lynx is a tameable monster. Hyper Lynx are medium-sized wild felines. At adult age, they are about the same size as a Bipolar Bear that is not quite old enough to go to the tavern to drink. The Hyper Lynx is aerodynamic and made for high performance. They have a unique characteristic, which is tuffs of fire coming from the tips of their ears. They have large paws, all the better to hunt you with and a ruff which resembles a bow tie so they are always dressed for fancy dinner parties, if your hero ever gets invited to one.

The Hyper Lynx enjoys using big trees (such as those found in the B-Trees Forest) to keep their claws sharp and ready for battle. They tend to make a game of stalking their prey; which typically include Spambots, Battlesheep, the occasional Firefox, and other high-tech monsters. The wild Hyper Lynx is very hungry and may attack your hero before deciding to claim them as their human companion, but once tamed will follow your hero around like a shadow only to pounce if your hero ever forgets to feed it, which is the typical cause of most injuries according to the Godville "Reasons Heroes Are Stitched Up" Guide recently made available in stores.

The coloration of each and every Hyper Lynx is unique, as it depends on the combination of vegetation and meats ingested over the course of the Hyper Lynx's life. Coloration categories are commonly distinguished by the following categories: SI, PI, DRC, EM, thermal, analog, HTTP, FTP, and mailto. The colorations of the Hyper Lynx fur ranges from every color in the rainbow including light white, dark brown, gray, red, or green (as pictured above). Most lynx fur has fluorescent highlights, depending on the region where they come from. The various combinations of spots and / or stripes that break up what would otherwise be a solid colored coat of fur is a defining characteristic for the Hyper Lynx breed. The unique zig-zag shape to their stripes resemble lightning bolts, which is a neat way to remind your hero that your pet conducts electricity; so it is very important to hide in a cave during rainy weather to avoid getting hit by any lightning. The coloration for these lightning bolts tend to range from pale yellow to bright white, with a very rare blue variant recently reported.

The Hyper Lynx is faster than the eye and very cunning. However; if a traveler is lucky (or unlucky) enough to spot one, they should be alerted to a massive storm is on the way. For every natural disaster recorded in Godville, a hyper lynx was spotted moments beforehand watching the skies. Those who tame this beast suffer from occasional electric shocks, for the fur of this lynx is highly static charged. Make no mistake, this is a very loyal pet to have at your side. Its lightning fast speed and agility is matched only by its intelligence. It is said you can never tame a hyper lynx, it chooses to follow you for reasons which are yet to be known. There are various theories which include either the smelly contents of your hero's backpack contents or the smelly nature of your hero luring the hyper lynx to find your hero. The hyper lynx has no known fixed location for spawning nor a homeland. They are nomadic in nature and follow the storms across the world, running by so fast that they usually go unnoticed. Although they are of the feline family and do sleep 18 hours of the day, when they are active their energy is unmatched. Nocturnal by nature, however; they tend to awaken and become hyperactive during thunderstorms.

It is important to note the Lynx's eyes and fur both glow in the dark, without the need for a special black light reactive bulb to ensure yours is genuine versus a stuffed plushie wannabe - that and its ferocious appetite should clear any doubts up for your hero. Seriously, they eat anytime they are not asleep. It is also important to note that during the day, your Hyper Lynx eyes are a literal weather barometers. For example: blue pupils indicate clear skies with no clouds whereas more green hue to the pupils indicate thunder. You can read all about how to distinguish the weather patterns using the pupils of your Hyper Lynx in the book "Whatever Weather" or its sequel "Whether the Weather be Wet or Dry", both by Lexie Harper.

Once thought to be extinct, this legendary creature is the perfect companion to anyone who seek to have a pet to own them, rather than the traditional hero and pet relationship. Your hero must sign a binding contract at the Godville courthouse before the adoption of this pet is official. Fees may vary,



  • Travels at the speed of light
  • Its fur is electro-conductive
  • Reflective eyes
  • Stronger Wi-Fi, stronger Lynx


  • Afraid of Sun Dogs
  • Will occasionally play with and break various artifacts your hero has
  • May pounce on passing travelers who will surely sue your hero in court
  • Doesn't like to be touched much

Pet Hyper Lynxes

They like to play with Laser Mice and hero can catch future pet easy.

Raising Hyper Lynxes

It is important to remember that hyper lynxes, like all cats, are ill-tempered. Looking past its misdeeds, a hyper lynx can make excellent companion for a hero on their journey. There is a list of care tips for your lynx. Number one is very important. Do not give hyper lynxes water for obvious reasons. They find water sources themselves which are said to be from the fountain of youth.

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