Hurricane in a bottle

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Artifacts of Godville
Hurricane in a bottle
Type ⚙️Activatable
Value 740
Description Unknown
Cost 50% of godpower
Effect Fuse 3000 coins into a Golden brick or kill a monster

The Hurricane in a bottle is an activatable artifact.

A hurricane trapped in a magic bottle that keeps it from wrecking havoc upon the world. This is a good item to have. Obviously, when some heroes see such a powerful force of nature contained in glass, the first thought would probably be,"I wonder what will happen if I open it?". Naturally, destruction is assured but the full scope of which is usually underwhelming (one can only fit so much into a small glass bottle). Nonetheless, it's useful when in need of taking out a monster in a pinch. This artifact can also create a vortex which sucks in your gold coins to produce a gold brick when unleashed. Also handy if you need to destroy some ant hills or make a large batch of smoothies.

Rumor has it that you can sometimes manufacture one of these babies by combining a half-full glass with a hell's bell.

Requires 50% godpower to activate.

  • The Hurricane in a bottle is also worth a pretty coin at any trader.
!Hero's Diary
08:59 “A handsome profit for a handsome hero!” said the trader, as he paid me 485 gold coins for my hurricane in a bottle. Well, technically I said it, but I'm sure it's what he was thinking.