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Monsters of Godville
Hostile NPC
Inimicus Artificialis
Class Fictional Character
Habitat Arcades, Forests, Caves
Description A Hostile Non-playable Character

The Hostile NPC (Inimicus Artificialis) is a monster that is both not playable, and hostile. They can come in many different forms and have various different attacks.

General Information

Nobody knows when the first Hostile NPC's started to appear, but they know arcades had something to do about it. This monster takes the appearance of any video-game character that has never been playable and is hostile. They also have the same exact abilities as that character. However, they can't change from that appearance and if they can shapeshift, it is only temporary. They can vary in how dangerous they are. Some can be as weak as a slime and some may even be stronger than a boss (This is extremely rare and only the best heroes fight those). They tend to be regarded as a nuisance.



  • Whatever strengths and abilities that belong to what it takes the form of


  • Whatever weaknesses that belong to what it takes the form of
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