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Monsters of Godville
'custos pauper'
Habitat back alleys and parks
Description A cop fallen from grace.

The Hobo-cop is a monster in Godville.


The hobo-cop is a wretched drunk vigilante that roams the streets looking for evildoers and maybe a bowl of hot soup. But it wasn't always like this, there was a time when this poor lad was in a better shape, a time when people would tip their hat to him instead of shooing him out of a doormat. He was a policeman, a law enforcer, one of the blue guys (quite more blue nowadays "ba dum tss"), etc. Godville had order back in the day, things where as they were meant to be; people strolled happily in the streets, business was done, flowers were kindly given, criminals got beaten, those days... But it all changed when the heroes came around, those drunk dunces teared apart any order. Every day you would find them lying on the streets and alleys surrounded with beer bottles and glass shards, it was so tiring to wake them all up and fine them properly. A bottle of whiskey was the only way he found to cope with his job, and before he even realized, he got his badge taken and woke up every morning to empty glasses. He lost all hope in bringing back that good old days, but he was adamant on (at least) making those hideous heroes pay for their offences. If he can't save Godville, he'll avenge it.



  • Highly skilled with the baton.
  • Always ready to serve and protect.
  • You can't fall lower than this.


  • Heroes can smell whiskey from quite long distances.
  • Drunk fighting is not the best fighting.
  • Not in shape as much as he thinks.