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Monsters of Godville
Hit n walker.jpg
Class Mammal
Habitat Bars, pubs, taverns, and roadsides
Description Invisible body, long red coat, baseball bat or other blunt instrument

The Hit-and-Walker is a mean Monster. This guy will hit you and then walk or sprint away quickly! The best thing to do is avoid it or kill it - before it can do either of these things to your hero.

One hero reported that after knocking off a Hit-and-Walker’s top-hat, picking it up revealed a swirling void inside the hat, he wasn’t brave enough to find out anything else about it.



  • Always carries a weapon
  • Its body is invisible, making it harder to see
  • It has a way of avoiding line-ups


  • Baseballs, as it will stop to swing at them
  • Songs about ballgames or strikes
  • A slap to the face will stop it in its tracks and make it temporarily visible