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Motto: What we do in life will echo for eternity.
Alignment: bright
Gold Fund: 28149 c.u.
Leader: GodAracna 
Date Founded: Circa 31, January 2012 (631 G.E.)
Membership Count: 35
Pantheon of unity Rank: 48
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 283
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 207
Pantheon of adventure Rank: 303
Forum Headquarters: Highlander
Guild Page: Highlander 
Data current as of 28, June, 2018
Guild Headquarters

High Council

Within the heirarchy of Highlander, there is an understanding that official rankings do not matter. What deeds have brought them together, also place them within Highlander's memories. These are the members who have been active within the counsel, or who have provided some other services to the Guild.

  • Attention all members of Highlander: as of this update, there are newly opened positions that are available for ... well. Anyone. Contact GodAracna  for more information.

Guild Leader

  • Suana

The Spider Queen claims her rightful dominion to spread the word of her lady GodAracna .

Inner Circle


  • Adelyne, the Silent Sister
Gv adelyne.png

Born in Tradesburg to a family of wealthy merchants, Adelyne is no stranger when it comes to trading, and discovering secrets. Under the care of the Goddess GodAleyea , she is now Highlander's information broker, and more.

Adelyne commands the Landshark Gleep.


  • Kirbius, the Destroyer
    Esteemed elder and former legendary leader of the Highlander Guild under the guidance of his God, GodKirbosa , and accompanied by his Alpha centaur Sparky.


  • Minion 247, the Void.

This minion began his journey from San Satanos. Leader of Highlander after GodKirbosa , succeeded by GodAracna . He continues to navigate the enigmatically nebulous ambiguities of his God GodThe Dark 0ne .


  • Sterling Triell, the Dragon-Friend.
Gv sterling a.png
At a young age Sterling became separated from his family while on vacation in Lostway. He survived the cruelty of life with the help of his GoddessGodLady GreyDana . With his trusty hyper lynx, Baloo, by his side he is on an endless quest to defend the weak and support all the taverns throughout the land.



  • Bobthersa, the Kind
    Kind but fierce, serving the one and only GodEnraged Llama , she has mastery over all birds and winged creatures that thrive in Godville, and some cats. Accompanied by her Philosoraptor Koda.


  • Amalinna, the Swift
    Guided by GodYeltnac78 , her prowess in strategic superiority is unrivaled. Many battles would have been futile without her wise counsel. Accompanied by her Hyper Lynx, Sookie.


  • Falindor, the Bright
    A supremely skilled and devastatingly powerful mage under the guidance of his God, GodSemajv , accompanied by his Philosoraptor Nibbler. Owns a dark, magic vortex portal thingy gifted by GodThe Dark 0ne 


  • Roa Lin, the Shadow
    A cunning and unpredictable, devious hero under the guidance of his God, GodAzbectus , and accompanied by his Prancing pony Chewy.

Our History

Our Founder


Recovering after completing the epic quest to become one with the universe, our founder had a drunken epiphany that would end in, what witnesses describe, as the reverie of an aging hero. In truth, however, alcohol played only a small part in his final, delirious acts -- the many years he spent as a young man, honing his skills in the oxygen-thin mountains near Tradesburg had finally caught up with him.

Mad Beginnings

Later inquiries into his life revealed that he suffered heavily from the belief that life in Godville was nothing more than a game. As such, he was haunted by feverish thoughts of sobriety and questing for golden bricks. His dreams eventually became so lucid that he was unable to tell the difference between reality and dream; his fragile mind had broke under the weight of knowing that he had been abandoned. His mental health did not improve as he saw the many heroes and heroines going to and from temples, laughing about their latest death.

A Guild is born

As his mind continued to spiral in its madness, he found serenity in the many taverns across Godville, where he noticed -- with disdain -- the growing number of these immortals. His attempts at openly trying to give them a permanent death had garnerned unwanted attention from the supreme beings of Godville, however, forcing him to disguise his intentions in some other manner. After being mauled by a wandering Sun Dog, the aging hero decided to give up trying to crash reality and establish a front for his hunt. Upon returning to Godville, he inquired on what it would take to establish a guild of his own. So, on that fateful day, some time ago in a past autumn, the quest to establish the Highlander guild began.

Modern Era

It is unknown exactly when our founder met his grisly fate, but the scholars of Highlander assume it was shortly after the guild's first member joined in 631 G.E. Many years had passed since then and the guild's original purpose have faded into obscurity.
Today, members of Highlander no longer struggle with their presumed immortality, and rather embrace it. Believing that being forgotten is a fate worse than death, their footprints echo through eternity. Guild members not questing or engaging in duels at the Arena can be found either training on the Jagged Peaks of Tradesburg, or within the town itself.

What is Highlander?

Highlander is an older guild, one of many that time seemed to have forgotten. However, when dusty pamphlets written by the first members were discovered, its existence became known again. Despite the original intention for its establishment, Highlander is actually quite bright and has become more popular than it ever was. To help out, our publicity officials have offered some tidbits of advice:

  • Keep an eye out for when your hero(ine) visits a town to heal or sell loot -- this is an opportunity to increase Highlander's influence by using at least one influence, preferably an encouraging one.
    • Using the voice command return to town, or simply return will have a questing hero(ine) head back to town ... if they listen.
    • Using your influence while selling loot can, potentiality, increase the amount of coins you have.
    • If your hero(ine) has at least half of their maximum item capacity, they will pray at the end of the visit. By voting within the Ideabox, prayer effectiveness is increased.
      • Please vote responsibly and remember: random clicking won't get you anything.
    • For the hero(ines) who happen to have finished a temple, the Miracle influence gives the most points out of all others, but it requires 50 units of Godpower.

Joining Highlander

Want to join Highlander? Well, we want you, too! Even new guild members can participate in the activities of the guild forum.

  • Your hero(ine) must be at or above level 12 to join guilds.
  • The hero(ine) must be not be engaged in combat, treating their wounds in the field, selling their wares to roadside trader, or in town.
  • Also, the hero(ine) should not cancel their current quest; hero(ine)s returning to town do not listen to their deities.

Now, if the hero(ine) meets all of the criteria above, send this voice command to your hero(ine): Join "Highlander" guild. It may still take several attempts before your champion will acknowledge you. Once the hero(ine) begins their quest to become the newest member of Highlander, introduce yourself in the forum.

  • If, in the future, your hero(ine) tries to leave the guild, send this voice command: Cancel quest. This can be done at any time during the quest to join the other guild. We won't stop you if you want to join another guild by choice, however, so please inform us if you decide to do so in the Guild Council (GC).
  • If you neglect (don't check on) your hero(ine) for 28 days or more, s/he will leave the guild automatically. This applies to any member below the rank of Cardinal

Honor Guard

Those who have proven themselves, either through conduct within the counsel, contributions to the guild... or merely active members of the community that continue to keep Highlander alive. If a member of Highlander sees their name on this list, they may contact GodThe Dark 0ne  either in the counsel chat, our forum, or through messaging to add further details.

Kayaira, of her lady GodLuceid 
Zuzu Taleenah, of his lord GodHis Royal God 
No Man, of his lord GodTheBestAround 
Kasmot, of his lord GodJonathan Ching 
Magic Becial, of his lord GodGodivin 
Baron von Buster, of his lord GodFendall 
Petoria, of her lady GodCorynthia 
Demolitioneer, of his lord GodSnorb 
Khaiya Rae, of her lady GodMerairom 


She's fluffy.
Olwyn, the double dragon.

When our founder met his tragic end, his beloved pet was left behind. Rather than wander back into the wild, Olwyn made her way back to Jagged Peaks and to the mansion her master once called home. Now, this majestic double dragon can be seen flying the champions of Highlander to the Arena, chewing on random artifacts left behind from the last counsel meeting, or chasing some hapless hero(ine) away from the guild halls.

Note: If members of Highlander wish to add other NPCs to our mansion space, let me know.

Retired Members

  • Kayaira
Gv kay.png
It is unknown whether this wandering soul still is on Godville or not. Only time will tell.

  • Lordbunny
  • Cerbdawg
  • Pink Lemon

Guides for Godville

Temple Construction

Gathering golden bricks can be an extremely time-consuming process. Even by completing quests, you're not always guaranteed to receive one; some quests are scams and others give other rewards, such as just gold and equipment.
Fear not, young godlings! Highlander has put together its best sages and is willing to share its secrets with you.

  • While Questing (Not in Town)
    • Some artifacts, when activated, can melt 3,000 coins into a golden brick. Even rarer are those than can convert bold artifacts into the same. To make the most of these artifacts, use them just prior to entering town as your inventory should be fuller than when you first acquire it. Remember, these artifacts all cost 50% of your current god power to use.
    • On days in which the Godville Times informs us that monsters may respawn, keep an eye out! Upon killing a monster, you may encounter an undead version soon after (read: next fight). Upon defeating these undead creatures, there is a small chance you will come across an item known as the Golden Pumpkin. Use it immediately upon acquiring; it requires no god power at all and is 90% guaranteed to change into a golden brick.
    • For our more vengeful gods (and also for everyone else), using a divine influence in the field (encouragement or punish) can sometimes produce a golden brick if your current gold total is above 3,000. After some observation, it appears to happen at a frequent rate whenever a temple-less hero(ine) receives the blessing or wrath of their divine entity.
    • Use the voice command dig if your hero(ine) is healthy. If the hero(ine) listens, there is a small chance they may dig up a golden brick but a greater possibility that they may discover a Boss Monster's lair. It is good practice to, immediately upon discovering its lair, let your friends and guild mates know that your waiting to be matched for a Boss fight.
      • @Mole Extracting Shovel, and artifacts like it, guarantees the discovery of a boss if matched with more than one other hero.
      • Letting your guild know that your about to fight a boss may result in one (or more) member joining you, if any of them are able to.
      • Boss fights, upon completion, offer a large amount of gold and sometimes ... more than one gold brick.
    • Just sending your hero(ine) to the arena can sometimes yield a golden brick being found upon arrival.

Godville Arena

Ah, the Arena of Godville. Were our champions are pitted against one another to see who is the strongest (and whose God has more charges.) Godville now has a few artifacts that can transport our hero(ine)s to the collisuem without expending any godpower, so if you have one... use one! (Wait until you're low on health, though. Sending your hero(ine) to the Arena automatically restores all health.)

  • Winning not only gives our guild an increase in the pantheon of duelery, it also gives one extra accumulator charge and 100% god power.
    • Pay attention to the rules at the beginning of each bout.
    • Influences will backfire. This seems to be roughly 1 in 5, so try to keep this in mind.
    • Keep in mind that using one influence (a punish or encourage) gives one action to your opponent.
      • Voice Commands do not count towards this action limit and be used to turn the tide in a locked battle.
  • Never enter the Arena with less than 3 charges and 50% god power.
  • For those of us with temples, do not, under any circumstance, use miracles. It's simply bad form and a sign of poor sportsmanship.

Arena: Voice Commands


    • Strike, kick, beat, crush, hit, attack, smash, smite, punch, and tramp


    • Heal, health, rest, drink, restore, and wounds
      • Sometimes, your hero(ine) may mishear this voice command and deliver an extra attack.
    • Block, brace, cover, defend, resist, and shield


    • Pray, give, and praise
  • Never use a combination of two categories and try to be creative with how you use your commands. It makes the Arena more interesting when Gods actually act like Gods, rather than mundane humans.
  • It is possible to use both a Voice Command and an Influence in the same round. "Heal" + Punish or "Smite" + Encourage. Blocking works so long as it is your turn to receive damage of some kind.