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High-definition dictionary
Type 💎Bold
Description The best dictionary by definition.


High-definition dictionary defines a high-definition dictionary as a high-definition dictionary.


A thick, bound, limited-edition book that updates itself with newly accepted entries from the ideabox. The entries are then given an easy-to-understand definition, that even low-intelligence heroes or monsters are able to comprehend or visualize. Uses the same "Update Technology" used by the hero's diary, but without the timestamp.

Originally made for use by Godville Administrators, but some copies are stolen by monsters. It is highly sought by traders to be legally resold back to the careless Administrators at a high price.

Plural form: High-definition dictionaries

Example in a Sentence

A very drunken and incoherent Conan The Barber Inspector's head was pounded with a high-definition dictionary by a very cunning and lucid Bart The Tender Bartender.

Other Uses or Definitions

  • Rarely, a dictionary that specializes in weed terms and disambiguations.
  • Very rarely, a definitive dictionary that is found in very high places, like the top of the Mount High, or the Office of Godville Administrator
  • Very, very rarely, a dictionary from the future that describes the dimensions and definitions of future-to-be-revealed terms such as qHD, HD, VHD, 4K, etc.

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