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Towns of Godville
Home milestone 1317
Map code HS
Known for Cheap stuff, better prayers
Motto Stand Tall for Hero Stan!

Herostan is a small, quaint village named after the infamous Hero Stan. In the centre of the town, there is a statue of Stan with his trademark smile. The population is about 10, and all of them are descended from Stan. They speak their own Herostan language, using sentences like "Alcoholic beverages are not allowed here!", or "What's your favorite book?", which no heroes can understand, leading to several accidents. It is because of this that the people of Herostan often pack up and head further and further out from civilized society, where they remain today.


Located in the far reaches of the known world, Herostan was established far from any nearby settlements, with relatively nearby Newland well over one hundred miles away. Though scholars often disagree on the reasons for this, it is wildly believed that the town's founder, Hero Stan, had made enough enemies in his time as being a Hero that necessitated his need to establish his home far away from Herolympus. The current location of Herostan was not it's first, and because of that, it is hard to pin down any particularly interesting or memorable features-only that in every new location for the community has consistently gotten more remote and arid over time.

It is, however, believed that because of the vast solitude of the land around Herostan that Gods and their respective Heroes are able to commune with each other easier here. It is also possible that Stan's forgotten God acts as a messenger of sorts between the two planes of existence, and is able to ferry messages between them both.


The history and origins of Herostan begin with the end of Stan's career as an adventurer. Unlike many other heroes who came before him, Stan was born with a near genius intellect and often abstained from recreational drinking and partying with his peers. Instead, he focused solely on the task at hand-and studied the books and stories of those before him-wanting to emulate himself as close to being the perfect hero alongside his since forgotten god. His popularity among the people of Godville made him a local legend, with many new heroes sharing his name and the name "Stan" becoming synonymous for fresh-faced, bold and aspiring heroes. This made the other adventurers, both active and retired alike, to view him as a heretic and a potential threat to ending the ways of the modern adventurer.

When it came time for Stan to take his place in Herolympus, he was faced with a massive protest of drunken villagers-whom proceeded to throw beer mugs and other small objects at him before he and his family were forced to flee. Now homeless, and in no shape to continue adventuring-Hero Stan built his first town at the base of Herolympus, but conflict with the other Heroes and Gods have forced him to move further into the desolate outskirts of the land, where he and his family try to live in seclusion and peace.

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