Herbivorous Plant

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Monsters of Godville
Herbivorous Plant
Dionaea Herbivora
Class Plant, Cryptid
Habitat Damp, swampy forests
Description A plant that eats other plants

The Herbivorous Plant (Dionaea Herbivora), as its name suggests, is a plant that eats other plants. It simply looks like a large flytrap plant, but it has the ability to use its own roots as appendages to move around its habitat and hunt plants. It used to be a carnivorous plant.


It at one point, was only sitting in the damp, swampy forest it calls home, waiting for insects to land on its various traps. However, no insect came and it slowly began to starve. However, the plant wasn't willing to give up, even though it only had one trap remaining, as the others withered away. It was a plant that was willing to continue its life and do anything to achieve it. Thus, it learned how to use its roots to travel around the swamp and eat insects by catching them. It also learned to use its trap as more of a jaw or an arm. It, believed it was truly content, until it realized bugs are hard to catch. It would go through extreme measures just to catch one bug, driving it to the point of insanity.

One day, it managed to climb a tree, and used a branch to see if it could catch a bug that was on a nearby flower by attacking it from above. It jumped off of the tree, opened its trap wide and prepared to eat the bug. However, the bug escaped just in time as the plant landed on and bit into the flower. The plant sensed an unrecognizable taste in its trap, and then it realized it ate the flower instead of the bug. But, the plant found the taste of the flower to be rather delicious and it came to one conclusion: If it wants to survive, it must eat other plants instead of insects. Thus, it became a heartless plant-killer. It eventually grew to having several traps and it was bigger than it had ever been before. On different day, it found a lodge in the forest with a large garden in it. The plants in that garden sensed the newly named Herbivorous Plant's presence and knew they were in danger. In less than a second, the herbivorous plant ate the entire garden with its many traps, but the owner of the lodge saw it escaping.

The lodge's owner, to avenge his devastated garden, called for heroes to hunt down the Herbivorous Plant and described it to be a plant-like hydra with more than ten heads. However, most believe this monster is no more than some sort of cryptid. But, the heroes who believed what the man was saying decided to hunt down and kill the beast he was describing, believing it was some kind of dragon. Even so, the Herbivorous Plant managed to find out about what the lodge's owner did and decided to kill heroes and maintain its new status as a cryptid. There have been many reports of heroes found dead in the dark, swampy forest, as they were strangled to death. But, there is always a trail of dead, half-eaten plants found nearby the body. And sometimes, any fruit or vegetables the hero had were missing or partially devoured by some mysterious creature. Many cryptozoologists across GodVille suggests this is the work of the "Herbivorous Hydra", but it is actually the work of the Herbivorous Plant.



  • Many flexible, long vines and "heads"
  • Incredibly strong
  • Can regrow any lost vines, roots, or "heads"
  • Very large
  • Silent killer
  • Few know that it even exists


  • Will be distracted by any nearby plants, which if it is hungry, will eat
  • Fire
  • Any kind of blade/knife
  • Being discovered, since it doesn't want to be
  • Plant-killing chemicals