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As per my earlier post on the forum, I have begun an atempt to restore this Editing Help page, which I believe could be really useful once we set it right. I'm doing my best, but hope I won't have to go it alone the whole way. HUGE thanks to anyone kind enough to lend a helping hand. This could really help speed up and clean up new pages on the wiki once the newcomers are able to learn the ropes in one place rather than having to trawl vast areas of the Net for the information they need first. Thanks for the help in advance -Jimbob64

From SBFH:

Thanks, SB!

This is cool!

Buttons.JPG These buttons are your friends when editing! Highlight a word and click the first button to Bold your text, highlight a word and click the second to italicize your text. Highlight and click both to bold and italicize your text!

The next to buttons do links, internal and external. Highlight the word for an Internal link, any link in Godville wiki, like [[Godville]]! External than is any thing not in Godville wiki like []! Now lets say you want [1] to appear as some thing else. EASY just add a

| any title

after your link. Such as [| Google]

The next is the big letter A. This does headlines

Such As

Adding extra = signs on each side of the title will add sub headlines.

Next is pictures. The best way to get pictures is to Upload your own or search the uploaded pics highlight the file name, such as Masthead.jpg to get Masthead.jpg

Wrapping from {{Color}} fixed

Years ago, BlueStapler added the color-formatting information on this page, but mentioned in the edit summary:

How do I get the code parts to be in the same paragraph as the rest of the words (it automatically goes to a new line)? Please someone fix that part?

The issue wasn't in the code on this page at all, but rather with Template:Color which was inserting extra whitespace at the end of its output. I've fixed the template, which also fixes the formatting on this page. -- FeRDNYC (talk) 15:23, 26 August 2018 (UTC)