Help an angel earn its wings

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📜This article is about something which is no longer in the game.
The subject of this article was once a part of Godville, but is no longer. It is kept for historical or creative value. Please don't mark for deletion without discussion, but further creativity or information are welcome!
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Quests of Godville
Help an angel earn its wings
Wings Angel2.jpg
The Wings of Desire.

Help an angel earn its wings is the first mini-quest on the road to fighting the Ancient Demon.

Your Hero will be hard at work here, plucking feathers from blackbirds and finding string and wax.

  • During this quest, the Hero may also be rewarded with feelings of levity and unnecessary cleanliness. This will fade in time.
  • A common side effect of completing the quest is to be left sparkling with a rosy glow.

In order to progress in this mini-quest, your Hero needs to walk along a righteous path with an Angel. Unfortunately, righteous paths don't come easily to our typical carousing Hero. Therefore your hero should try to adhere to the following advice...

  • Steer clear of any dens of iniquity
  • Use only the mildest of cuss words, such as 'dang' or 'poot'.
  • Clean up the battle field after themselves
  • Sit up straight and don't slouch
  • Always leave one for 'Mr Manners'
  • Help elderly Heroes cross the street

Mini-Quest Progression

  1. Help an angel earn its wingsAngel’s feather (bold) →
  2. Find where angels fear to treadInvite to hell (bold) →
  3. Calculate a snowball’s chance in hellWet pants (regular) →
  4. Die another day – segue to boss →