Hellion Lab Rats

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Hellion Lab Rats
Motto: To each Their own
Alignment: True Brightness!
Gold Fund: 60 c.u.
Date Founded: Day 539 g.e.
Pantheon of unity Rank: 332
Guild Page: Hellion Lab Rats 
Data current as of 10.11.2011

Welcome to the Hellion Lab Rats Guild! This Guild is a home for Gods, and their dear little exp--- I mean subjects. This is actually Inspector Javert being sneaky and sneaking in on this but shhh I'm sure Ley won't know ^_^;;; Anyway, it's quite amazing that we're well.... so good, because really we're meant to be bad evil people. I guess we love our little subjects too much. So don't worry about not fitting in.

I mean really I'm taking a new years vow to be eviller to Enjolras, he needs some punishment to make him learn that Revolution doesn't work! So yes there may be some of us dragging down the true brightness rating but still, its all in good fun yes? If you do not wish to be hunted down and killed mercilessly by us merciless folk for attacking our darling experiments - remember we're the only ones that can attack them - then join us. We don't bite hard, and we promise not to use your subjects as experiments, they might become temporary lab rats though.