Heir of Superiority

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Monsters of Godville
Heir of Superiority
Heredis superioritatis
Class rabbit
Habitat grass fields
Description Unknown

The Heir of Superiority is a monster who thinks it is a higher level boss-monster, at least in his "My wind breaking smells like roses" opinion.

He always considers himself higher leveled than he actually is because his father insists on claiming to be the Mob Boss of the boss mobs. He often quotes how he's better than your hero in various ways, including size relation and speed of strike. There are occasions in which he is correct in his stuck-up, snobbish insults but that doesn't mean your hero will admit it even to themselves.

Don't be fooled, this monster is difficult to kill since its ego is nearly indestructible. Even at level 21 a kill switch is your best option. Thank Me for kill switches! ;-)