Heavenly Desire

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Heavenly Desire
Motto: Giving you what you desire.
Alignment: (to be determined)
Date Founded: May 14 2015
Membership Count: 1
Guild Page: Heavenly Desire 

Welcome to the Godwiki page for Heavenly Desire! Perhaps you found us by accident or were in fact seeking our help, either way, you're in the right place. Here at Heavenly Desire we can give you... whatever you desire!



Forum Games & Things

Toss the Salad Saturday

"Toss the Salad Saturday" is an event (no, not for barfing) that happens on Saturday in which once the Guild leader states it has begun people can add food into the salad. (Yes, only food. Sorry.) Once the day is done it will be taken to the kitchen by the Guild leader and professionally tossed together then added to the Godwiki. It's gonna be tasty.

Book Club

People can suggest books at any time and will be added to the Book Club suggestion list. Sometimes a brief description will be given.

Book Club Suggestion List:

  • "47 R.O.N.I.N." series by Marc Cerasini and the Sprouse twins

When two twin boys find their father has mysteriously vanished it leads to them finding out about a family secret. Soon they find out that brains and brawn aren't good on their own and they have to work together in order to find out what happened to their father and to survive.

  • ¡ "The Curse Workers" series by Holly Black

This trilogy follows the epic story of a young boy named Cassel who lives in a world of people known as "curse workers". These "curse workers" have special abilities, but when used can suffer "blowback" similar to their ability. When suddenly Cassel finds out a secret his family has kept from him, will he be able to handle the "blowback" from it?

  • "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

Ender isn't like the other boys, he's not like his brother, he's not even like his sister and with times being so tight on Earth having a third kid was going to be hard for his parents. But when he felt like nobody wanted him, Earth needed him. Recruited to help push back the alien race nicknamed "Buggers" he now has to go through grueling physical training and mind numbing puzzles in order to prove himself worthy of defending Earth from the next Bugger attack. But time is running out and the Buggers are getting closer. Will he be ready in time? And will he be able to make the hardest choice ever set on a twelve year old?

( ¡ Books or book series with this mark next to them may not be suitable for younger kids. Perhaps 16 or 18 would be a more suitable age to read them at.)

Desires Met

Guild Desires Met

1. Have a Guild Godwiki!

Member's Desires Met


1. Have a Godwiki page for his Guild.

2. Own a rabbit farm.

Non-member's Desires Met


1. Personal miniature dragon servant.

2. Green Lantern ring

3. In ground pool that is in an above ground deck.

How To Have Your Desire Met

How To Have Your Desire Met (Members)

Be at least Chief rank in the Guild and talk on the forum page every so often.

How To Have Your Desire Met (Non-members)

Do something for the Guild. Don't worry, sometimes the great God GodEeeeeeagle  feels generous and will grant your desire a reality without much of a requirement.

Gifts from Fellow Gods/Goddesses and Guilds

Notable Gods

These Gods and Goddesses are thanked here for all their hard work and what they have done for us.

Notable Members


Our glorious leader!

Gods That Require Special Thanks


For making the Guild Godwiki.