Heart Attacker

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Monsters of Godville
Heart Attacker
Class Undead, Wraith, Horror
Habitat ???
Description Frightful Soul Collector

The Heart Attacker is an undead monster. This type of eldritch horror serves Death after being brutally killed itself. It is known that if the Heart Attacker serves Death well and kills enough heroes, the monster will be able to move on to the afterlife. They are called heart attackers due to their ghostly bodies being made from their former hearts - also they have a bad habit of causing heart attacks.

General Information

Heart Attackers are the restless spirits of monsters who died gruesome deaths to Pure Evil! heroes. They are hideous wraiths with metal spines, a tattered cloak, and a skull. They carry swords made entirely out of bone. The tentacles on their bodies are colored similarly to blood vessels as well.

Because heroes are quite annoying to kill, due to resurrection from gods, Death tasked the restless souls of monsters who had the most gruesome of deaths to collect the souls of heroes. However, many of these monsters think they have to kill heroes too, which makes them involved in combat with the living. Their ghostly powers (including the ability to cause a heart attack at will) and swordsmanship is enough to send the toughest of foes running. However, they are easily defeated and will poof into a purple smoke upon defeat. From there, they respawn in the underworld and are immediately sent back to the world of the living - since they cannot rest until an unknown amount of souls are collected. However, the more brutal the Heart Attacker's death was, the longer it prowls the mortal world.

If a Heart Attacker's mouth begins to emit bluish-green flames, physical contact with it will immediately result in a heart attack. Fortunately, this power somehow exhausts the Heart Attacker and they only have this power active for around ten seconds at a time.

Because all Heart Attackers were killed by heroes of the Pure Evil! personality, they generally are far more aggressive towards heroes of that personality. However, that is, towards any Pure Evil hero except for whoever was the reason the monster became a Heart Attacker. Towards that individual, the Heart Attacker is deathly afraid of and will avoid at all costs. However, these hideous wraiths have one advantage other than being undead soul collectors: If any vicious to Pure Evil! hero stares into the eyes, they will instantly die of a heart attack.

It is also a known fact that anyone other than a Heart Attacker cannot wield the monster's sword. They are marked with a curse that anything other than a Heart Attacker will die by heart attack upon wielding one of such underworldly weapons.

Ghostly Powers

The Heart Attacker's various ghostly powers include the following:

  • Instantly cause a heart attack
  • Phase through walls
  • Invisibility (Especially used during the day)
  • Possession on inanimate objects
  • Can summon hellfire (Less than 0.5% of Heart Attackers can do this)



  • Undead
  • Can instantly kill heroes who are evil
  • Expert Swordsman
  • Ghostly powers
  • Scary
  • Respawns after being defeated


  • Easily Defeated
  • Cannot enjoy the afterlife until it collects enough hero souls
  • Not always the smartest
  • Afraid of the hero who killed it while it was alive
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