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Areas covered by Head Equipment

Type: Head (Equipment)

Head (equipment) protects the fifth most important part of a hero; the brain. It also often protects portions of the seventeenth most important part of a hero; the face.

Head (equipment) is known by different names - some are named for the region in which they originate, while others specify which area of the head they cover. Some head equipment is donned by only beginners while others are only only available to the most seasoned hero or heroine. Some heroes may be willing to spend more money in order to obtain elite, original head equipment while others may not. Also, it is important to note that some head (equipment) may be associated with one's job or title even though heroes do not have either one. Townsfolk may wear various head equipment as part of a sponsorship deal with the name of the shop where it is available carefully embroidered onto it.

Here is a brief list of some of the names of the head (equipment) you might encounter in shops: afghan, ascot, balaclava, bandanna, baseball cap, beanie, bearskin, beret, biretta, boater, bobble hat , bonnet, bowler, bowler, busby, cap, cavalier hat, chunni, cloche, cloth cap, cocked hat, coronet, costume hats (such as bear, bunny, chicken, mummy bandages, etc), cowboy hat, cowl, crash helmet, crown, crown of thorns, deerstalker, derby, doo rag, dunce cap, dupatta, earmuffs, eye patch, fascinator, feathered cap, fedora, fez, flat cap, garland, hair clip or bow, hard hat, hat, headband, headdress, head gear, headphones, headpiece, headscarf, helm, helmet, hijab, holiday hat (such as Easter or Christmas), homburg, hood, hoodie, jester's hat, kerchief, "Loser" sign, magician's hat, mask, mitre, mortarboard, muffs, newsboy, old hat, orange cone, opera hat, panama, peak, pillbox, pith hat, plug hat, Pope's hat, porkpie hat, Robin Hood hat, safety helmet, scarf, shawl, shower cap, skullcap, sombrero, sou’wester, stetson, straw boater, sun hat, sweatband, swimming cap, tam, tam-o’-shanter, ten-gallon hat, tin hat, toupee, top hat, topi, trilby, turban, veil, visor, weave, wig, wreath, and yarmulke.

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