Headless Oarsman

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Monsters of Godville
Headless Oarsman
Class Unknown
Habitat Unknown
Totem for bakhara ⚜️ 
Description Unknown

A Headless Oarsman is a rower and a steerer of sea vessels, canoos, and all sorts of different varieties of "boats" and a headless conveyer and or physical mover of "oars" and "oceancraft" across a body of Water. But to confuse a Headless Oarsman for a "Mindless Oarsman" would be to confuse the Brain for the Mind. A horribly misconstrued common misconception...

Infact most Headless Oarsman contain their minds within their Oars. Although some keep their minds in a purse and or man-satchel typically located at the belt of the Headless Oarsman. Many Headless Oarsman keep their minds in what are commonly known as "Mindshaft's" which are Cubical Minecraft looking cubbies in boats to keep minds and other assorted goods within.

Most Headless Oarsman contain a substance known as SaltBeer in their genitals which is a well known reservoir of sarcasm and a common reason for Teens watching bad Horror movies, especially those that take place at Sea... 💙

Will write more tomorrow as long as the liquor store is open! Otherwise it will probably be the next day when my grandma gets back from Orlando and I get access to her liquor cabinet! 
Till then... 🛶