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As the name suggests, "Happy guild" is an international conglomerate of sinning and feasting warriors, united by a common vision of heaven's (girlfriend). Members take extra care not to puke on strippers and are noted for their ability to distinguish between "to" and "too". They are generally known to hate spinach but will eat it to save the lives of innocent people. They are generally not accepted as dates but try anyways. They are a group of awesome people who are humane and peaceful but love a good scuffle between two other heroes.

Founder Wenya is quoted as saying, "This is the biggest thing I've ever created, and no-one even knows!" Now they do.

"Trik Trik:... and on the seventh day the Lord said 'Let there be light... cuz we gon' partayy (dubstep ensues) ' Drunk Mathlete: so this is how it all began" -excerpt from the chronicles of Slim Pickings' 9th Crusade, High Priest