Hand satanizer

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Artifacts of Godville
Hand satanizer
Handy advice
Type 💎Bold
Description Fresh, clean and imbued with the power of the occult.

Once a child's plaything, the Hand satanizer is a bold artifact made to teach kids proper grooming of the most underrated and over-used part of the body.

A witch of the dark arts had seen the toy misheld by an infant and was imbued with the powers resonating out of the witch's part, and has been a possessed evil de-bacterializing agent in the Godville realm. This powerful enchanted gel was then used by the most famous wielders of the dark arts, (e.g. He Who Must Not Be Named Him, Aydulf Haytler, Elvis Presley, and Michael Jackson) since 120 g.e.

The most notoriously known user of this product is The Admin, for confidential purposes. And in dealing with Thirteenth Apostles to succesfully make a distraction. It is also, in most cases, have been used for "mischievous acts" and other fetishes by the exhibitionists of Godvilles mortal inhabitants. It has been said that these are a rarity. Some say there are only a handful and only those with "bad intentions" use these. Maybe people with "suspicious minds" too. And those who refer to themselves as "bad" and are one with the dark side of the force. These "devils in disguise" often dress as traders as to not embarass themselves, or be caught by The Admins who are also in pursuit of the most unnerving product to ever behold of one's person. I think I need my "teddy bear".