Hairy Potter

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Monsters of Godville
Hairy Potter
Description Wand-waving maniacs

The Hairy Potter is a monster.


A long time ago, Hairy Potters were merely artists who did not shave a lot. They didn't show much emotion, but they positively loved their pottery, and were very possessive of it. If they were even willing to show someone their extraordinary work, they watched them like a hawk, and would not allow anyone to touch it.

But one day, the special clay the Hairy Potters were using simply ran out. There was none left, and the Hairy Potters could not find an alternative that could match the durability and perfection of the Hogwartian clay. Soon, the Hairy Potters simply gave up, having nothing better to do than sit in bars drinking deep, and dreaming about the old days.

Centuries later, a Hairy Potter was aching to make something, and began wood carving. Others began to pick up on it, and they chose a choice wood of Gopher Wood to do it, explaining why it is always in short supply for the Godville heroes. A Hairy Potter, being inspired after watching a movie about witches, took to carving an intricate wand that he waved about, convinced that he could use witchcraft. Others followed suit, and soon there was an abundance of wand-waving maniacs.


A hairy man/woman wearing black and brandishing a delicately carved stick. Is a very dangerous foe, as the stick is very pointy and can injure the eyes and other tender spots. Can also bore heroes to death with corny magic tricks and phony spells.