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Monsters of Godville
Elephas hypertextus
Class Computer pachyderm
Habitat World Wide Web & Internets
Totem for The ISOs
Description A code that never forgets

The HTMLephant (Elephas hypertextus) is a monster that is great at Javascript without a publishing engine and knows how to correctly enter breaks and comments into its code, but may have trouble starting conversations at gatherings or events. It is known for repeatedly chanting "Never gonna give you up!” to boost its morale, but realizing a little too late that this is an incantation to summon a Rickroll, which often causes it to crash.



  • Tusks made of sharp characters and numbers, all the better to hurt you with
  • Remembers the Hero's birthday, disarming him or her quickly & efficiently
  • Popular at circuses as well as your rich neighbor's birthday parties


  • Afraid of ASCII mice
  • Can't do tricks if it's not been properly coded
  • Easily disarmed by a "/" or even a "<", with the right timing
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