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Monsters of Godville
Guitar Hero
Class Former Hero
Habitat Alone in rooms with gaming consoles
Description A hero that one day picked up a guitar well drunk.


The Guitar Hero started off as an ordinary hero, drinking beer, avoiding lightning bolts, killing kindhearted monsters who came over to say hello. A typical bloodthirsty fellow. One day his goddess was low on Godpower due to his lack of praying. To save power she decided to punish him by throwing things near her at him. She happened to be in a music store at that moment. Down came the guitar, spiralling through the air until. BONK. The hero was knocked right out. When he came to he saw the guitar on the ground next to him. He started to curse his goddess, but he stopped mid-phrase and instead picked up the guitar and strummed a few chords. He was a natural.

What happened next

With this his evilness dissipated and he became a nice guy. He gave up beer, stayed away from the rowdy big cities and made friends with quite a few nice monsters. His goddess had given up on ever getting a temple by then. For months he was free and happy. Until one of his friends, the Corporate Giant, tried to talk to one of the other heroes.

The Battle

The kindly giant was unprepared and the battle was short. Not because of any effort in the heroes part. A giant lightning bolt came down just as the giant was saying hello.


As the hero with the guitar sat watching his friend burning up he swore vengeance against all heroes and heroines. The supposedly "good" ones and the even more bloodthirsty "evil" ones. He ran after the hero who killed his friend and brained him with the guitar, the next one got the same, the next one and the next. Until he was struck down by lightning. He was revived by his goddess who licked the gore, and continued his endless task.



  • Unsuspecting heroes or heroines expect him to be as evil as them and want to work together to rid the world of nice monsters
  • Has a moustache
  • Can shove his guitar pick up a heroes or heroines nose


  • Can be heard miles away by his music
  • Doesn't know karate
  • His goddess no longer bothers to punish or encourage him as he no longer prays