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Here is a set of guidelines for writing an article about a particular town. If you can't fill all of the necessary points, mark the article as a stub so other people can fill it in. Feel free to be as elaborate or as concise as you want:

IMPORTANT: Do not forget to use the Town Template as it will also categorise your article as a town one.

To read about how to use this template, see this article.

Structure for writing an article about a town

1) Add a picture of the town or one of the buildings in it(If you can't, add "{{picture}}" at the top of the page to mark it as requiring an image). Because these articles are usually quite long, more than one picture is often needed.

2) Give a short introduction about the town (no more than five sentences in most cases). Now fill out the template with the town's emblem and the town's motto.

3) Data paragraph. Provide data (if there is any) about the town such as it's distance from Godville in milestones (In Template)and any special effects that happen there (e.g. Beerburgh is the booze-hole of Godville so heroes tend to waste a lot of money there).

4) History paragraph. Give a background history of the town and what it is famous/infamous for, how it was founded, and/or any rumours/legends surrounding the town.

5) Geography paragraph. Describe it's geography by saying where it is in relation to other places such as towns and landmarks and talk about the surrounding landscape and weather (Refer to Spode's map for details).

6) Distinctive features paragraph. List and talk about any of the town's distinctive features such as monuments and natural marvels.

7) You may add other paragraphs on other related information if you wish.

If you are struggling to find inspiration or still don't know how to structure your article, look at one of the following completed articles for inspiration or guidance:

Good luck and happy writing!

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