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Here is a set of guidelines for writing an article about a particular quest. If you can't fill all of the necessary points (i.e. anything not marked as optional), mark the article as a stub so other people can fill it in. Feel free to be as elaborate or as concise as you want:

Structure for writing a quest article

1) Add a relevant picture showing the quest in action, an associated item or anything else related to it (If you can't, add "{{picture}}" at the top of the page to mark it as requiring an image).

2) Type the following code: {{diaryquest | text = Quest title here}}

This will produce something like:

Make the guidelines perfect.

3) Give it a difficulty rating out of ten.

Now provide information about the quest:

4) Introduction - Give some background information, say why the quest is difficult and/or a general overview of what the quest entails.

5) Now you need to provide instructions on how to complete the quest.

6) Next, give an approximate time scale for finishing the quest.

7) Finally, give a tip or some advice on how to complete the quest. Italicise either the word "tip", "remember", "please note" or whatever similar starting phrase you use.

Please note: At some point in the article, you must specify the condition(s) that need to be satisfied in order to complete the quest.

8) If the quest has a known quest complete phrase (It will be specific to the quest, not a generic phrase which you could see after any quest), please state it by adding the following, substituting 00:00 for the relevant time :

{{diary|text = 00:00 Quest complete phrase here}}

This will produce something like this:

!Hero's Diary
20:42 The guidelines are now fully written up.

9) After you have done as much of the above as possible, categorise your article by adding "[[Category:Quests]] at the end.

If you are struggling to find inspiration or still don't know how to structure your article, look at one of the following completed articles for inspiration or guidance:

Good luck and happy writing!

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