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IMPORTANT: Please use the Guild Template so it will categorize your article as a guild one.

To read about how to use this template, see this article.

Articles about guilds have very little rules and can show as much or as little information as you want. This guideline is designed purely to give you some ideas for what your page should display. The only rule is that you don't insult any other guild and you don't change any other guild's page without permission. If you don't know where to start, look at these ideas:

  • Date of guild formation. In Template
  • Guild alignment. In Template
  • The founder of the guild. In Template
  • A guild history (since creation in Godville).
  • Ancient history of the guild (made up).
  • What the guild's objective is (made up).
  • Guild motto. In Template
  • Recruitment strategy/campaign.
  • A link to the guild's forum thread. In Template
  • Relevant pictures
  • A list of guild officials (e.g. Advisers and above or co-founders) and any other prestigious members (e.g. temple owners, good gladiators, people who've appeared in the newspaper, etc.)
  • Guild emblem (maybe one of the members would like to design it) In Template
  • The guild's rivals/allies, In Template

Alternatively, look at some of these for inspiration:

All of the above use the template.

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