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Please follow these guidelines for writing a God article.

IMPORTANT: Use the User God Template. This will make the article look nicer and will automatically categorize it as a god article.

For how to use the User God Template, see this article. You can also read the hero template documentation for additional information.

Structure for writing a godarticle

Step 1: Click your name at the top of this screen. It should be in red. Choose to create the page.

Step 2: Fill out the words in the User God Template. This gives a reader the important information in a concise manner. It should also reduce your writing time.

Step 2: Add a picture of the God using the "upload file" link on the left side of your browser window. Add that picture to the User God Template. The code line should read "| avatar = Picture.jpg"

Step 3: Give some background information about the god, such as where it was born, what it likes.

Good luck and happy writing!


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