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Here is a set of guidelines for writing an entertainment article about particular pub, tavern, bands, or any other places where the hero likes to blow his hard earned cash. If you can't fill all of the necessary points, mark the article as a stub so other people can fill it in. Feel free to be as elaborate or as concise as you want:

Structure for writing an entertainment article

1) Add a relevant picture showing either a building, a concert, or anything else associated with the article you are about to write (If you can't, add "{{picture}}" at the top of the page to mark it as requiring an image).

2) Give some background information about the pub/tavern/band, such as where the building is/band plays and how it came to be. Also, mention why heroes like to go there and/or what usually happens in the place/concert.

3) Now, at some point in the article, you must say what the name refers to, whether it is a parody of something or out of another form of media.

4) After you have done as much of the above as possible, categorise your article by adding "[[Category:Geography]] [[Category:Entertainment]]" and "[[Category:Pubs/Taverns/Bands (whichever one it is)]]" at the end.

If you are struggling to find inspiration or still don't know how to structure your article, look at one of the following completed articles for inspiration or guidance:

Good luck and happy writing!

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