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Here is a set of guidelines for writing an article about an artifact. If you can't fill all of the necessary points, mark the article as a stub so other people can fill it in. Feel free to be as elaborate or as concise as you want:

Structure for writing an artifact article

Consider using the {{Artifact}} template

Displaying an Artifact infobox in your article (by placing {{Artifact}} at the top of the page, with additional arguments) presents a structured format for most of the common information regarding Artifacts, and automatically takes care of the proper categorization for your article. Instructions and an example can be found at the Template:Artifact page.

Adding information to the article

  1. Add a picture of the artifact, or to the |image=filename parameter of the infobox. (If you can't add a picture, write "{{picture}}" at the top of the page to mark it as requiring an image).

  2. Specify what type of artifact it is by saying "Type:" followed by either "Artifact", "Bold artifact", "Activatable artifact", "Healing artifact", or set the |type= parameter of {{Artifact}} to one of Normal, Bold, Healing, or Activatable.

  3. If the item is dropped by a monster, type "Associated monster:" followed by [[monster's name]], or set the |monster=monster's name parameter of the infobox.

  4. Give some information about the artifact such as what it can do, where it comes from and/or any special properties that it may have. Please try to type at least 4 decent sentences, otherwise mark it as a stub (by placing {{stub}} at the top of the page) so that others can expand on it. If the artifact is some kind of book or scroll, it may be a good idea to create some of the contents of the book. For an example of this, see Survival guide.

  5. If your artifact has an effect and/or a requirement to use, please specify these at the end.

If you don't use {{Artifact}}

  1. Categorise it as an artifact by adding [[Category:Artifacts]] and whatever type of artifact it is by adding [[Category:Activatable Artifacts]], [[Category:Bold Artifacts]], [[Category:Healing Artifacts]], or [[Category:Monster Artifacts]] to the bottom of the page.
(This will be done automatically by the infobox code, if you use {{Artifact}}.)

Examples of Artifact articles

If you are struggling to find inspiration or still don't know how to structure your article, look at one of the following completed articles for inspiration or guidance:

Good luck and happy writing!

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