Guardians of the winter rose

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Guardians of the winter rose
Motto: Sic erat in fatis
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 32 c.u.
Date Founded: 03/07/12
Membership Count: 4
Pantheon of unity Rank: ?
Guild Page: Guardians of the winter rose 
Data current as of 03/07/12

History of the Winter Rose 

     To the ancients the Winter Rose was a symbol of honor and good fortune. Belived to bloom in the bleakest of times, for the bravest of warriors. It was said to wipe away fear leaving only courage in its place. It was with that in mind that they created the Guardians of the Winter Rose. These elite warriors were once belived to be among the fiercest in the ancient world. Through the centuries, their descendants have been scattered throughout the cities, towns, and different tribes of Godville.  Does your hero fight for a living using his/her battle skills, their armor, and weapons on the battlefield with only one outcome in mind? Then your hero may very well have what it takes to join Guardians of the Winter Rose. Together we can reclaim our place among history's finest warriors. 


  If you wish to join send your hero a message  join "Guardians of the Winter Rose" guild. Be sure to enclose the guild name in quotes. There is no need to stop your current quest.


  Occasionally your hero will attempt to join another guild, if you wish to stop this send a message cancel quest". This may take a few attempts so persistence is key!

Helping the guild 

  As a new member you may be wondering what you can do to help the guild. Encouraging or punishing your hero when in a town will increase the guilds influence in that town. The higher the influence  in a town the more benefits a guild member can get in that town, faster healing, free stuff, gold coins ect... You will know that the guilds influence has increased when diary entries containing the guild name are displayed. Even influences that don't result in one of these diary entries will still have an effect.

  • You can contribute creatively to the guild page if you feel inspired to do so.

Ranking Information

The ranking system can be seen below starting from the left with the time taken to reach the rank given below it (the number of days between the rank and the rank before it. Attaining the rank of cardinal (although cardinal is not the highest rank attainable) means that the hero will not try to leave the guild (by randomly starting a guild joining quest). However, if a god does not check on their hero for over 28 days, they will leave the guild regardless of their current rank, so be sure to stay active so your hero can join the council.

Guild Rank: Fan Intern Recruit Follower Master Chief Master Advisor Grand Master Cardinal Hierarch Patriarch Regent Prophet
Time (days): 0 1 (+1) 3 (+2) 8 (+5) 18 (+10) 35 (+17) 60 (+25) 90 (+30) 135 (+45) 200 (+65) 300 (+100) 450 (+150) 600 (+150)

The council leaders

༄ GodElila 


The council members

Guild members

Guild members who have completed temples