Guardians of the Arx

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Guardians of the Arx
Motto: For the Arx!
Alignment: Humane
Gold Fund: 31037 c.u.
Leader: GodSynthesis 
Membership Count: 67
Pantheon of unity Rank: 111
Pantheon of popularity Rank: 95
Pantheon of duelery Rank: 356
Forum Headquarters: Guardians of the Arx
Guild Page: Guardians of the Arx 
Data current as of 13/4/2016

The Guardians of the Arx has its origins in the ancient world. No one outside of the Guardians knows the true reasons for its formation, although the name is revealing. In the past the Guardians have ridden into battle with noble intentions that were not always understood. Since a Guardian is not permitted to reveal the inner secrets of the Arx, they are generally misunderstood and believed to be a little strange. The task that occupies most of the time of a Guardian is spending incredible amounts of coin in local taverns and wishing wells. The reasons for this vary and are diverse. Usually, it involves drinking games and story telling about slain monsters. When a Guardian does find him/herself on a quest their tenacity, bravery, skill and honour cannot be ignored.

Ancient Holy Relics

- The Lost Arx

- The Right Front Paw of the First Bipolar Bear

- The Book of 101 Card Tricks

- Fur of the Alpha Mole

Unofficial Motto

- For the Arx! FOR THE ARX! (official as of 4/14/16)

Favourite Activities

- Petting Bipolar Bears

- Searching for the Lost Arx

- Teaching their Pet Rocks new tricks

- Reading the ancient texts of Indiana Jones

Original Founders

- Aeon-Flux

- Grimlyhefty

- Tupelo

- CptPeanuts

- Autotron

Guild IRC


- #godville