Grim Leaper

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Monsters of Godville
Grim Leaper
Class Lich
Habitat Graveyards
Description The son of Grim Reaper, the death Angel

The Grim Leaper is a monster and the son of the famous death angel, Grim Reaper.

He disobeyed the tasks of his father (gathering souls from those who have met their end) and absorbed the lifepower of living people to get stronger so that he could challenge his father. Should he succeed, all the creatures on earth that have died will turn into undead and will be ruled by the Grim Leaper. Many heroes try to defeat Grim Leaper but he is rarely encountered.

Among the Undead

Grim Leaper is one of the most hated creatures in the hall of undead. In the past, he had kept thousands of undead creatures like zombies or vampires as slaves. He did that with the born force of his father and the goal of the slavery was to create an army against Grim Reaper. But at that time, Leaper wasn't strong enough to defeat his father and Grim Reaper banned his son far away from the Limbo World, where Grim Reaper's residence is.

For now Grim Leaper is farming heroes to become stronger and is crafting a cursed plan to kill the Grim Reaper.



  • Absorbs Lifepower like a magnet
  • Scythe shoots Necroplasma
  • Teleportation
  • Incredible thighs


  • Holy attacks
  • Light
  • Ghost-hunting weapon (he is a lich)
  • Says he can leap farther than he actually can
  • His eyes are so bright that heroes can detect from far away