Green Fairy

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Monsters of Godville
Green Fairy
Green Fairy.gif
Class Fairy
Habitat Forests
Description The keeper of the Nature

The Green Fairy is a monster. This kind of fairy is specialized to protect the forests from invaders. They might be small but their fairy magic abilities are amazingly strong. Heroes better not harm any plants or animals if Green Fairy is around, she might get grumpy and would be a little advanced opponent for some heroes.

Green Fairies have sometimes be known to follow heroes around and "helping" them by pointing at objects and urging them to listen. Little do they know that Green Fairies are considered high-level delicacies by dying heroes.



  • Has nature power such as manipulating plants to chase hero
  • Has fairy magic
  • Is able to fly
  • Can sometimes convince heroes to go green


  • Small creature
  • Scared of fire
  • Physically weak
  • Has weaker magic than a normal fairy